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Lease Purchase Program

Open the Door to Homeownership

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A New Path To Homeownership

With 25+ years of mortgage and real estate experience we have the knowledge and ability to provide you with a specialized lease purchase agreement that offers a new path to homeownership. Crescent will purchase the home of your choice and lease it to you for up to two years while you work to secure financing with the right to purchase at anytime. Crescent's program gives you the time and resources you need to repair credit, pay off debt, and prepare to own the home of your dreams!

Our Goal

Make Homeownership Available to All

Millions of hardworking Americans are unable to purchase a home due to low credit scores, self employment, rising home prices, strict mortgage approvals, and much more. Crescent believes in giving everyone the opportunity to own the home of their dreams sooner rather than later.

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What does the Lease Purchase process look like?

Get Approved

Contact our team today about our quick and free application process

Select Your Home

Pick a home from active listings in your area that fits within your budget

Move In

You sign a lease to rent the home for up to two years

Buy the Home

Once you secure financing you can purchase the home at any time

Who's a good fit for Crescent's Lease Purchase Program?

If you have the ability to qualify for traditional financing, do it! If not, our program may be a good fit if any of these situations apply to you....

Your credit score isn't quite there yet

Crescent has NO MINIMUM CREDIT SCORE! As long as your credit is fixable within 2 years, Crescent will give you an opportunity that lenders and other programs won't. We can recommend credit repair resources and give you the time you need to obtain a mortgage qualifiable credit score!

You're self-employed

Crescent will look at your most recent months of income and can accept bank statements as verifiable income. Our program gives you time to claim on your taxes and continue to have your business flourish without having to wait to get in a home.

You have recent bankruptcies on your record

Depending on the type of bankruptcy it can take 2+ years after discharge before you can qualify for traditional financing. No more need to wait, as Crescent will approve you and get you in your dream home now until your able to qualify.

You are facing foreclosure or underwater on your mortgage

If you currently own your home and underwater or facing foreclosure, Crescent can help you stay in your home and get the time you need to recover. We will purchase your home and rent it back to you with the sole option to purchase back anytime. Unlocking your equity, and giving you the ability to pay off other debt.

You want a more competitive offer

Crescent can give you the power of an all-cash offer and quicker closing. This sets you apart from the competition in today's competitive market and gives you a better shot at your dream home.

You're tired of increasing rental rates

As rentals rates soar across the nation, many landlords continue to increase rents each year or even decide to sell homes and force renters to move out. With our program you lock in a fair rental rate for 2 years, no increases whatsoever. You also have the sole option to purchase for that time period.

You want a home you can make yours

Crescent not only allows you to pick the home you want, but we think of it as your home. We allow you to renovate, paint, and customize the home to your choosing during your lease period.

You're tired of moving

Renting means the constant struggle of moving every few years with no guarantee to stay in your home. Our program gets you in your dream home prior to qualifying for a mortgage so you can avoid the hassle of continuous moving and enjoy your forever home.


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"Crescent has made it easy and possible for us to become happy homeowners in today's market! Thank you to Crescent Capital Holdings for a warm welcome and smooth transition into our marvelous new dream home! #crescentchfamilyforlife"

Darryl S - Lease Purchase Client

Reasons Mortgage Lenders Rejected Buyers Applications



The top reason for mortgage applications being denied was having too much debt compared to the amount of income being made. Our program allows you the time you need to pay off debt to improve your debt-to-income ratio.


Low Credit Score

A major problem for apsiring homeowners is getting their credit where it needs to be. With our program you will have the time and resources to repair or build up your credit, while already living in the home you want!


Duration at Job/Unverifiable Income

Not having enough history at a new job can be an obstacle for potential homeowners. Using our program gives you up to two years to strengthen your job history and work to secure your mortgage.

This data is per 2021 NAR Home Buyer and Seller Generational Trends

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